The Intersection of Cancer and Life, Episode 1: Nora McMahon

Welcome back to the Intersection of Cancer and Life! Here are the show notes for Episode 1: Nora McMahon.
Nora McMahon
Nora was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 39 years old in March of 2015. After undergoing a hysterectomy, oophorectomy and debulking surgery, she enduendured four months of aggressive chemo. Nora founded Cancer Grad, an online platform for young adults with cancer to share their stories and unique perspectives surrounding their diagnoses.
Nora co-founded Cancer Grad, an online storytelling platform for young adults who have been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer Grad aims to reframe the current narrative that most people use to talk about cancer. Instead of saying that someone is “battling” cancer, or “lost their battle” to cancer, Cancer Grad seeks to give provide an alternative way to talk about cancer survivorship. We seek to reframe cancer from a “battle” narrative to that of an educational/ life wisdom narrative.
Nora and I discuss the different perspectives we have about the language we use surrounding a cancer diagnosis and life with cancer, as well as some of the unsolicited comments people make about cancer and gut health at Whole Foods.

“In many ways, I became a version of someone’s walking nightmare… or they would see me and you could tell that they had lost someone, and it was this recognition of this memory…meanwhile, I’m just trying to buy bananas at Whole Foods.”

Listen to the episode HERE, on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.
Website: Cancer Grad
Facebook: Cancer Grad
Instagram: Cancer Grad 

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